1. What is estate planning?

Estate planning arranges for the transfer of an individual personal property after death. This may involve a will and/or trust, or the application of state intestacy laws. Call Burns Law Office in Nashville, TN today to discuss your estate planning.

2. Why do I need to plan?

Estate planning allows an individual to decide exactly who is going to benefit from their estate and to what extent. It also ensures that the individuals' estate will not be destroyed by taxes imposed on the transfer of assets at death.

3. What Is a guardianship?

A guardian is a person appointed by the court to make healthcare and other non-monetary decisions for someone who is not able to do so themselves because of injury, illness or disability.

4. Will my beneficiaries' inheritance be taxed?

Inheritances are not considered income for federal tax purposes, whether you inherit cash, investments or property. Any subsequent earnings on the inherited assets are taxable however, unless it comes from a tax-free source.

5. What is a probate?

A probate is the process of proving to a probate court that the will is genuine

6. What is a conservator?

If court appoints someone to take care of financial matters or medical and personal decisions, that person is considered the "conservator".

7. Can my Non-compete be held up in court?

This is a case by case issue. Details that can determine this can be the location, type of industry, and the verbiage used. It is best to consult a professional when you are not sure. Call Burns Law Office in Nashville, TN today to discuss your options regarding your non-compete.