Set Your Estate's Future in Stone

Set Your Estate's Future in Stone

Visit Burns Law Office for estate planning & administration help in Nashville, TN

Do you know what will happen to your estate once you're gone? The estate planning lawyer at Burns Law Office can help you figure it out.

Attorney Anthony S. Burns is a go-to choice for estate planning law matters in Nashville, TN. He'll make sure you leave behind detailed, legally binding documents that make your wishes clear. Attorney Burns will account for all of your assets and outstanding debts. Contact him now to put your wishes down on paper.

What can you expect from an estate planning lawyer?

Drawing up estate planning documents on your own could leave your estate's executors confused later. Attorney Burns works to eliminate that confusion. He'll:

  • Protect your family's assets
  • Plan for outstanding debt payments
  • Secure your business assets

Attorney Burns will also guide your estate's executors through the ins and outs of tax requirements. Get in touch with him right away to leave your estate planning law matters in Nashville, TN in his hands.

Adjust your estate plan to suit your situation

Have things changed since you created your estate plan? Maybe you bought a business or adopted a child. Whatever the situation may be, Burns Law Office can help. You have the ability to modify your will, trusts, health care directives and other estate planning documents at any time.

Attorney Burns can meet with you to review the terms of your estate plan in-depth so you can decide what needs to be changed. Update your plan to cover any new assets or family members you wish you add. You can also use this opportunity to remove benefactors or assets, as well.

Contact Burns Law Office in Nashville, TN to speak with an estate planning attorney about estate plan modifications.