Is Your Loved One's Estate Stuck in Probate?

Is Your Loved One's Estate Stuck in Probate?

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Are you struggling to work through probate court after the death of a loved one? Talk to a probate law attorney in Nashville, Tennessee. Burns Law Office can guide you through the complicated process of settling a loved one's estate.

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When to set up a probate conservatorship

Conservatorships are used to help adults with mental disabilities manage their money. In conservatorship cases, a judge will appoint a mentally capable person, often a family member, as the conservator. The conservator can then manage the disable person's...

  • Bills: The conservator will make sure all bills are paid on time.
  • Income: The conservator will direct the disable person's income and use it for their best interest.
  • Investments: A conservator can also manage any investments the disabled person has.
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